At The Time We Were Buying The Candles For A Dollar And Selling Them For $10, But People Didn't Care Because We Were Just So Little And Cute.

[When I was 5,] my dad would take us downtown or door to door to sell the candles. At the time we were ธุรกิจเครือข่าย buying the candles for a dollar and selling them for $10, but people didn't care because we were just so little and cute. After awhileas I was getting older, people wasn't saying, 'Oh, you're cute,' now, so I wasn't able to buy a dollar candle and sell it for $10, Newson said. As I got older people think I was running a scam, or I was taking my money and using it for something bad whatever they thought I was doing. They started discouraging me a little bit, and then the security guards were kind of kicking me off the property, and telling me I can't sell candles in front of this store or that store. I really didn't know what to do. Newson found one temporary fix; she enlisted her mom's help and got a business license. After work one day my mom drove me, and we got all of our paperwork done. That was a relief, because now when I went back downtown to sell my candles, they would say, Hey, you need a permit to sell or you can't sell, and I would just whip it out like, 'Here, you see? You see?' However, by this time, Newson already had 20 trainees and the security guards' questions continued particularly downtown.

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