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They were killed by a firing squad on Sunday, state news agency BNA reports. Human rights officials say there are serious concerns that evidence may have been obtained under torture. They are the first executions to be carried out in Bahrain since a 2011 uprising, led by the Shia majority, calling for greater political rights. The Sunni-ruled kingdom has escalated a crackdown on its Shia critics over the past year, including revoking the citizenship of the country's most prominent Shia Muslim cleric. The UN's special rapporteur on extra-judicial killings, Agnes Callamard, condemned the executions in a tweet saying : "Torture, unfair trial + flimsy evidence: these are extrajudicial killings." Image copyright Agnes Callamard Maya Foa, head of the UK-based human rights group Reprieve, said: "It is nothing short of an outrage - and a disgraceful breach of international law - that Bahrain has gone ahead with these executions." The death sentences handed to the three men, she added, "were based on 'confessions' extracted through torture, and the trial an utter sham". Abbas al-Samea, Sami Mushaima and Ali al-Singace were convicted of a bomb attack that killed three policemen , including one officer from the United Arab Emirates, nearly three years ago. Image copyright AP Image caption Bahrain's Sunni-ruled government has crushed protests by the Shia majority in recent years They were executed a week after their death sentences were upheld by a high court. The executions are the first to be carried out in Bahrain in more than six years, according to Reprieve. "This is a black day in Bahrain's history. It is the most heinous crime committed by the government of Bahrain and a shame upon its rulers... This act is a security threat to Bahrain and the entire region," Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei of the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy told Reuters news agency.

Chelsea Janes (@chelsea_janes) January 13, 2017 Last season, Cotts pitched in three different organizations at the triple-A level (Angels, Yankees, and Rangers). In 41 combined games, the 36-year-old had a 3.83 ERA, struck out 36 batters, and walked 14 in 44.2 innings. He had 7.6 strikeouts per nine innings, which was lower than his 2015 total with the Brewers and Twins (8.2). More from District on Deck Washington Nationals: Retaining All Minor League Coaches for 2017 1 d ago While Cotts ERA may be high for a reliever, he ended the 2016 on a great note in Texas organization (Round Rock). Over his final 13 games, he went 1-0 with a 1.84 ERA and had 13 strikeouts in 14.2 innings. However, the eight walks might be a little high for that sample size. Back in 2001, the Oakland As drafted Cotts in the second round. He would never pitch in a Major League game for Oakland. In December 2002, he was traded to the White Sox along with reliever Billy Koch for three players, including reliever Keith Foulke . Cotts would make his Major League debut in 2003. Two years later, when the White Sox ended up winning the World Series, Cotts had a strong postseason as he didnt give up a run in six appearances.

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